What is COPD ? Is Copd Treatment Possible ? How to Diagnose COPD ?

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

COPD [Chronic (Chronic) Obstructive (Obstructive) Lung Disease] is a progressive account of events that are not caused by microbes in the airways.

How Often Does This Disease Occur?

COPD is not populated by one person by you for all for a public health in the world. The education level of COPD15 is -20% at the age of 40. There are 5 certificates of COPD in education at a university, over the age of 40. However, only one out of 10 COPD patients applied to a doctor and was able to get a correct diagnosis. In this case, only 300-500 thousand of the 3-5 million people with COPD who will play in the car know that they have the disease.

Is COPD a Dangerous Disease?

The global burden of disease is not working hard, COPD causes 2.9 million deaths. COPD, which is the 3rd cause of death worldwide today, is responsible for 5.5% of all deaths. Respiratory system diseases are the third most common cause of death in Turkey, accounting for 61.5% of these deaths. The population's knowledge about COPD makes its early diagnosis and treatment difficult.

What Causes COPD? Who Is It Seen?

Cigarette smoke is the most common risk factor for COPD worldwide. Smokers have more respiratory functions than non-smokers, have more respiratory functions and functions of higher COPD. Other types of tobacco use (hookah, etc.) and welding smoke also consist of COPD. For children with a good genetic risk of COPD, it is one of the risks that have not been used very well, that can be added in health, especially the enjoyment of biomass (wood health, health, similar) use, such as air and dusty-smoky. Setting the final system training as the target is now considered a risk.

What Are The Complaints Of a Patient With COPD?

The most common complaints in COPD are shortness of breath, cough and sputum production. Smokers take cough and sputum for granted and therefore do not consult a doctor. There is a decrease in physical activity due to shortness of breath. The person who suffers from shortness of breath on exertion does not want to walk,

reduces his daily work, hesitates to go to the market and prefers not to leave the house over time. In this way, the gradually increasing decrease in physical activity deteriorates the quality of life of the patient, causes the progression of the disease, leads to disability and death.

In patients with COPD who were followed up for 20 years, a 30-40% decrease was found in both admissions to the hospital due to COPD and death rates due to this disease in patients who walked for two hours or more per week. For this reason, physical activity should be increased both to prevent this disease and to prevent its progression.

How Is COPD Diagnosed?

The diagnosis of COPD can be made easily with the “breath measurement test”, which is a simple and painless test. Early diagnosis of COPD will reduce the rates of disability and death due to the disease. For this reason, if at least one of the complaints of chronic cough, sputum and shortness of breath are present in people over 40 years old, smokers or smokers and/or in dusty environments due to occupational or environmental conditions, the person should be seen by a pulmonologist and "breathing". measurement test”.

Is It Possible To Treat COPD?

Although COPD is a progressive disease, it is preventable and treatable. The first thing a patient with COPD should do is to consult a physician to quit smoking. Smoking addiction is a treatable disease. Apart from this, avoiding other harmful dust and smoke, making flu and pneumonia vaccines, and providing inhalation drug therapy as well as recommending and applying physical activity; It is an important step in both disease development, disease progression and prevention of adverse outcomes. Heavy exercises are not necessary for adequate physical activity, moderate-intensity physical activity most days of the week is sufficient. Walking, which is an activity that everyone can do, can provide almost all the benefits of regular physical activity.

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