What is Pharyngitis ? What is Symptoms Pharygitis ? What is The Treatment For Pharygitis ?

What is Pharyngitis ? What is Sypmtoms for Pharyngitis? What is the Treatment for Pharyngitis ?

What is Pharyngitis?

Pharyngitis is one of the most common diseases among the people. Pharyngitis often manifests itself with the winter season and causes complaints such as fever, weakness and sore throat in people.

Pharyngitis, which causes discomfort with the irritation of the throat or pharynx, is divided into two groups as acute and chronic pharyngitis.

In acute pharyngitis, burning, pain and fever occur in the throat, while in chronic pharyngitis, complaints such as dry cough, tickling and a feeling of stuck in the throat are seen. Acute pharyngitis causes redness in the throat, difficulty in swallowing, and the patient's fever, which causes difficulty in eating for several days.

Chronic pharyngitis, on the other hand, is a disease that is mostly seen after irritation in the throat area. It may occur as a result of the patient's lifestyle and habits, reflux and nasal diseases.


Chronic Pharyngitis;

It occurs as a result of irritation of the throat. Persistent irritation of the throat causes this condition to continue for a long time. Especially as a result of diseases that occur in the nose such as nasal bone curvature, the person starts to breathe through the mouth and this causes a dry throat in a long time. Other than that, conditions that can cause chronic pharyngitis;

• Having a profession that requires a lot of talk, such as teaching

• Insufficient fluid intake

• Consuming excessively hot or cold food

• Smoking

• Consumption of hot spices

• Hay fever

• Allergies

• Acid coming from the stomach (reflux)

• Allergy in the nose, sinusitis or diseases that cause swelling in the adenoid can cause it.

Acute Pharyngitis;

Viruses are among the most common causes of acute pharyngitis.

Pharyngitis can be seen together with the infection in cases such as the common cold. Being in cold environments and being in the same environment with sick people can also cause acute pharyngitis.

In addition, conditions such as dry air and short-term chemical exposures can be counted as the cause of acute pharyngitis.

Pharyngitis Symptoms

Pharyngitis occurs due to infection due to virus or bacteria. These are divided into acute pharyngitis that occurs suddenly and chronic pharyngitis that recurs continuously.

What is Pharyngitis ? What is Sypmtoms for Pharyngitis? What is the Treatment for Pharyngitis ?

-Throat ache



-Runny nose

-Difficulty swallowing

-It is a feeling of being stuck in the throat.

Chronic Pharyngitis Symptoms are;

-Pain while swallowing


-It shows milder symptoms than acute pharyngitis such as mild sore throat.

Pharyngitis Diagnostic Methods

Sore throat or sore throat that develops alone does not mean pharyngitis. For this, it is necessary to see several findings together.

Pharyngitis, which is examined in two different structures as chronic and acute pharyngitis, generally causes symptoms such as pain in the throat, difficulty in swallowing, fever and weakness.

Before diagnosing acute or chronic pharyngitis, the patient's histories such as working conditions, daily fluid consumption and environments are taken. Then, the type and diagnosis of pharyngitis can be made with a physical examination by the doctor.

What is Pharyngitis ? What is Sypmtoms for Pharyngitis? What is the Treatment for Pharyngitis ?

You do not need to have any tests done unless your doctor deems it necessary. However, in some cases, blood test, lung x-ray and throat swab and culture-antibiogram test may be requested by physicians.

The culture-antibiogram, that is, the throat culture test, is done with a swab taken from the person's throat with the help of a swab. Throat culture is an extremely simple and painless procedure. The swab taken from the throat of the person is examined in the laboratory environment and the bacteria causing pharyngitis and the appropriate antibiotic types are determined.

Pharyngitis Treatment

In the treatment of acute pharyngitis, the signs and symptoms of the patient and the results of the examination are decisive. In cases of bacterial origin, nasal sprays, antibiotics, lozenges or pain relievers are given by the physician. In viral pharyngitis, treatments that prevent symptoms are used. It is also recommended to drink plenty of water.

What is Pharyngitis ? What is Sypmtoms for Pharyngitis? What is the Treatment for Pharyngitis ?

Although chronic pharyngitis is not seen as a very important disease, it is among the diseases that affect the working system of the body and are difficult to treat. In the treatment of pharyngitis, it is extremely important for the patient to follow the doctor's recommendations.

In addition to these, the treatment of conditions that cause chronic pharyngitis, such as reflux, or the avoidance of substances such as dust, chemicals, cigarettes, and alcohol form the basis of chronic pharyngitis treatment.

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